Essentially I'm a home cook. My recipes are simple and the photographs are taken by me, without filters. What you see is what you'd get if you made it...  realistic and achieveable.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Explore delicious ways to fuel your body and to prepare it for the day ahead.

Great ideas for main meals which are nutritious and delicious.

Fish and Seafood

Eating fish twice a week is a guaranteed way to boost your omega 3 fatty acids, which are anti-inflammatory, and provide a lean source of protein. Look for new fish and seafood ideas here!

Vegetarian Dishes

As a pescatarian I have amassed some fantastic vegetarian recipes over the years. Everyone's health is benefitted by eating more vegetables. Explore some of them here!


Dessert doesn't have to be unhealthy. A little sweetness makes life better in my opinion! Explore some great dessert recipes here.


There's nothing more welcoming than the smell of baking when you enter a house. Here are some easy baking recipes with a healthy bent  to inspire you!

Snacks and Miscellaneous

Snacks can be one of the hardest things to switch to healthier options. Get some new ideas here to fill the gaps!

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