Home Made Muesli

Making your own muesli is less of a recipe and more of a decision as to what your favourite inclusions are.

Base it own wholegrain rolled oats, rye, barley and rice if you like.

Add some sweetness- chopped dried fruit.

Add chopped nuts, toasted in the oven- I use pecans or walnuts and almonds.

Add some seeds, toasted- pepitas, sunflower kernels and maybe some chia.

Add extra fibre- oat bran, psyllium husk or wheat bran.

Wheatgerm adds extra B vitamins.

Toasted coconut is an especially fragrant addition, especially when its freshly baked!

My muesli keeps for weeks in an airtight jar and contains no added sugar or oil. Serve with milk, yoghurt and fresh fruit.