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$49 for a whole month of goodness

What is it?

From June 10 until July 10 this year I will take you on a journey.  

Together we will explore the Mediterranean diet. With a ton of research to support its benefits to your health and longevity, the Mediterranean diet is not designed for weight loss, but for physical and mental wellbeing.

It's not a fad, nor a short term option, it is a pattern, a way of eating to learn and to live by.

So, join me in an exploration of the Mediterranean diet's benefits, its components, how to make the necessary changes, and get some great tips and recipes too!

You can join a private Facebook group, or get it in your inbox every day. 

I am available every day to answer your questions or to provide individualised advice on how to get Mediterranean into your life- for good!

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Get in touch so we can explore the Mediterranean (diet) together.

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