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Why choose me?

Anyone can choose to work with a nutritionist. You don't need a referral nor a particular problem. We all have the potential to improve our diet and by extension our health and fitness.

But we need to be a good fit. You should feel comfortable about talking to me about what you eat and your lifestyle in general. And you need to feel confident that I can help you.

That's why:

     I won't take clients whom I don't feel confident that I have the skills       to help.

     I won't make promises that fail to materialise. Making change to             diet or to any area of your life is as much about what you do as it is       about what I do! Having said that, I can offer as much support and       accountability as you want.

     I will not encourage you to book extra sessions if I feel you have all       the tools you need for a healthier diet (why waste your money?)

     I will not work with clients who in reality need a clinical dietitian           to help them.

     If you choose to work with me I will often put in more time than           you have paid for. To me, your success is more satisfying than my         bank balance! 

     I don't have one 'model' of how to improve someone's diet. I like to       learn about you and find out what will work best in your life. 

     I don't sell diets or products. I rely on scientific evidence to guide           what I advise. Which means that we're in it for the long haul - not         the 5 day miracle diet!

 Sounds good?



Or send me an email or call me if you'd like to ask questions or just have a chat first - it's free!

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