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About Corinne



Personal Nutrition Consultations

Family Nutrition Counselling

Healthy cooking / Meal planning

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Sports Nutrition

My Story
I love to help people find a healthy way to eat which suits their lifestyle, their tastes and their budget. With cooking skills, experience in raising kids and managing a home I can offer nutritional advice which is straightforward, evidence-based and do-able.
Born in Oxfordshire, England, I was brought up to cook from scratch and to enjoy home grown vegetables and balanced, family meals.  I moved to Australia in 1993.
I was originally a graduate of Hotel and Catering Management, but my career changed when I left full-time work in the industry to raise our four children.
A move to the Northern Rivers brought pets, acreage and a big vegetable garden into our lives. Our children growing up meant that I could find time to study again and to pursue a life-long interest in nutrition. After 3 years I emerged with a Masters degree in Human Nutrition, and a desire to put it to work!
To date I have helped clients with healthy eating,  controlling symptoms of IBS, maintaining a healthy weight, gut health, sports nutrition and iron deficiency.
As a wealthy developed country we have not, on the whole, developed a healthy way to eat. It is commonplace for people to be diagnosed with heart disease, cancer, type II diabetes and other chronic diseases which are lifestyle related. We can do better!
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