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Corinne began by building a picture of my health profile and my goals.  She tailored a nutritional program based on my needs and situation, which was based on the latest scientific research.  She could answer all my questions, and I felt confident in her knowledge. Her suggestions were practical and easy to follow, and took into account my busy lifestyle.  She even provided easy to follow, delicious recipes to help me meet my goals, which included increasing the number of vegetarian meals in my diet, and improving my gut health.  I would happily recommend Corinne to anyone who is looking to improve their health through better nutrition.

Kaylene Henry

"Initially I was nervous about seeing a nutritionist - I know my diet isn't the healthiest. But Corinne made me feel at ease through the whole process. It was easy, fun, informative and empowering. The 3-day record of what I ate was easy to do and it enabled Corinne to give me accurate and thorough information about the balance of my nutrition in what I normally eat. Her report of this information was easy to understand and, best of all, made it easy to make small changes for the better. I walked away feeling empowered to make simple choices that make it easy for me to eat well and have a balanced, nutritional diet. I love that it's not some hard-to-keep diet of keeping track of every ounce and gram I eat. This would never work for me. Rather, Corinne gave me guidance based on what my body needs more and less of. It's been about making small changes that have a big impact. Six months on these changes are still in place - and my body is grateful! I would highly recommend Corinne's service as a nutritionist to anyone who wants to know more about what their body needs, and how they can make better choices for a healthier life, for them and their families."

Greer, Brunswick Heads

"I have been suffering with IBS for a number of years without really knowing how best to control it.  Corinne has introduced me to FODMAPs and has carefully guided me through the process of identifying which elements may be causing my symptoms.


I now feel I have more information than ever on what is best for my particular digestive system and can identify quickly when things go a bit astray!


Corinne is extremely thorough and knowledgeable and was able to translate this very complex area of nutrition into something practical and useable on a daily basis. ..."

Liz, Teddington

"I became a client of nutritionist Corinne Nash over a year ago. I was feeling the effects of years of stress-filled working days combined with poor diet choices, and I needed to find a trustworthy, professional nutritionist. I had been given the names of other nutritionists by my doctor, but neither proved satisfactory, so I was feeling frustrated at the lack of local nutrition professionals.  Then I met Corrine and the experience was gratifyingly different.


First steps in the process were to meet Corinne for an initial consultation, when she asked me relevant questions about my diet and lifestyle. Her manner was empathetic and she made me feel as though a way could be found of addressing my nutrition needs in a way that suited me. The other nutritionists had only asked for basic details, but Corinne wanted more information for a personal diet analysis and asked me to keep a food diary for three days. This was easy to do and she used this, and the answers to my initial questions, to produce an extensive report on the impact of my diet on my current and, potentially, my future health.


I received an in-depth report on my diet, in both text and graphs. There was good news – my diet wasn’t all bad!  But there were a couple of shocks. For example, I was not getting enough calcium nor Omega 3 in my diet, and this was setting me up for some serious bone issues later in life.


Thanks to Corinne’s advice and extensive research on my behalf, I am well on the way to addressing the issues she highlighted in my diet. (I have also changed my husband’s diet for the better in the process!) I feel as though I have extensive data to inform my dietary choices at this stage of my life. I often refer to the report as a reminder.


In spite of having this information, though, I haven’t had the 100% willpower necessary to follow all of Corinne’s advice (who does?). I also know that dietary advice is not a ‘once-and-for-all’ problem-solver, so I am going back to Corinne for more advice – and  looking forward to the experience of finding out what I am not doing now and what I can do for a healthy life.


I recommend Corinne to you all most highly. Even if you think you have a healthy diet, my bet is that you would find some surprises once you have consulted with Corinne. And you will enjoy the experience!  Thank you, Corinne.  I feel as though you have extended the quality and duration of my life with your advice. Let’s meet again."


Carole Tansley, Professor Emeritus, Mullumbimby

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