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Eating well isn't just about doing the right thing for our current and future health, it affects the whole environment. How can we eat to future-proof our planet, and is that way of eating also good for our bodies?

Find out by joining me over two weeks, all online for just $29, making it accessible for just about anyone! I want everyone to care more about their impact on the earth, so I am deliberately making this ridiculously low priced!

Eating for the planet wheat (Facebook Cover).png

In a closed Facebook group you'll find out all about our current food production systems and how we have moved away from  sustainable practices in the bid to produce more and more for less and less cost and more land and water efficiency. What can we do to take care of both ourselves, the planet but also the whole world population? I don't have all the answers, but I have positive steps, ideas and inspiration to share with you.

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