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Moroccan Preserved Lemons

Once made, they keep for months in the fridge and are an excellent addition to all sorts of dishes, not just tagines. Make it when you have a glut of lemons on your tree!


7 Large, thin skinned lemons

6 Tablespoons Coarse Sea Salt. 6 peppercorns (optional). 2 Bay leaves (optional)

Quarter 6 of the lemons.

Sterilise a large jar – in a pan of boiling water, or heat up in a hot oven, or with water in the jar in the microwave.

Tightly pack the lemon quarters in the jar and sprinkle each layer with 1 Tablespoon salt per lemon. (Ie if there are 6 quarters of lemon in one layer, use 1.5 tablespoons salt). You can also push a couple of bay leaves and half a dozen peppercorns down the sides of the jar if you wish to.

With the remaining lemon, cut it in half and squeeze all the juice into the jar. Now dip the cut edges in salt and pack the two halves on the top layer, cut side down.

Cover with baking paper and then a heavy weight or can of food. Place in the fridge and leave for a week.

After a week a fair amount of brine will have formed. Remove the paper, and seal the jar.

Keep for 2 more weeks before using, cut into small pieces, pith removed.

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