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Stomach Ache

Explore IBS

Understand Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Knowledge is power. So often when we don't understand what is going on in our bodies, it makes us incapable of doing anything to help ourselves to get better.

Irritable bowel syndrome is an incredibly inconvenient, embarrassing, painful and annoying thing to have. The good news is that it is a syndrome and not a disease and so it is not physically harming you. There is no magic pill to make it go away, and it is quite different from individual to individual. 

Over five days (Via an emailed link to a short video) I explain all the in and outs of IBS in a way that is simple to understand. There may even be some 'aha' moments for you! 

Once you understand what is going on you will be empowered to make decisions about what to do next to improve your symptoms. 

If you are sick of diarrhoea , constipation (or both!) abdominal pain, nausea, wind and bloating then maybe these videos will inspire you to do something about it. 

Yes please to five short videos exploring IBS!

Get in touch so we can get you started. Simply submit this form and pay $10 AUD via Paypal (below)

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