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Home Made Muesli

I love making my own muesli. It has exactly the ingredients that I want in it and no added oils, sugars etc. Customize this to create your own favourite mix.

Home Made Muesli

These are just a suggestion as there are many, many variations. Quantities are also dependant upon your tastes. I would certainly make the grains the biggest ingredient however.
Rolled oats
Rolled barley
Rolled rye
Rolled/flaked quinoa
Rolled rice
Sunflower kernels
Almonds (no need to remove skins)
Pecan Nuts
Fruit medley ( a chopped up mixture of sultanas, dried apricot and dried apple)
Chopped pitted prunes
Dried cranberries
Any other dried fruit you like
Chia seeds
Hemp seeds
Linseeds or linseed meal
Flaked or shredded coconut
Oat bran
Psyllium husk

Put all the grains in a large lidded plastic container.
Add the fruit medley, oat bran, psyllium, linseed, hemp seeds, chopped prunes, chia seeds and any other dried fruit.
Heat the oven to about 170 C.
Bake on a large tray (one variety at a time since they have different cooking times) the nuts, the pepitas and sunflower kernels and the coconut. Watch the coconut like a hawk. It only takes about 5 minutes and then it will burn!
Add toasted seeds and coconut to muesli. Chop the nuts then add. (I use a food processor, but keep them fairly chunky).
Mix it all together well.
If I make a large batch I keep some in the fridge or freezer so that the nuts and seeds remain fresh.

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