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Introducing the Taste Challenge!

For something fun and a little bit different, I am presenting, in conjunction with health coach Jules Reid de Grosbois of Fit Blonde Mum, a free five day challenge starting on 25th February.

The challenge consists of the five different taste sensations we experience - sour, salty, sweet, bitter and the elusive 'umami'.

Each day one taste will be explored and explained. Nutritional value of foods showcasing this taste will be discussed and best of all an easy recipe will be shared, which you will make! Before the week begins, we will send you a shopping list, so no excuses!

The fun part is exploring new dishes, learning why we need all these different flavours in our diet and sharing with the other participants your culinary masterpieces, successes and failures and comments.

Best of all, its free and there's no obligation to see it through if life takes over. What's to lose? Nothing. What's to gain? Knowledge, delicious food, and a fun community of like minded others.

If it sounds good, you can sign up here:

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