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Time to Rethink the Way You Eat?

We are all aware that a healthy diet is well and truly connected to our health, both right now and to reduce the risk of chronic disease later.

Many people have a vague idea of what a healthy diet looks like, and maybe they'd like to make some changes in their own diet, but actually making a change can be hard. Doing something in the company of others can be a great motivator, in fact peer support is proven to help people in groups such as weight loss programmes.

That is why I am launching a 5 Week Healthy Eating Challenge. Start date Monday 30th September

The challenge is designed to give you up to date, science-backed information regarding which foods make up a healthy diet and how they target areas of health. Each week a different area will become our focus as we learn more about nutrition, establish new habits, try out exciting new recipes and connect with others who are also taking part. I'll be part of the group and will be available to answer your questions and to support you along the way. We will also touch on other aspects of lifestyle which impact positively on health and well being.

Run online, the challenge also offers the optional extras of a 20 minute personalised mini nutritional consultation, and a cooking class (if you're a local to the Bangalow area).

Need to know more? Give me a call (02) 6629 1692 or 0413 086 054, or alternatively drop me an email

If you're keen to get started, contact me and I'll get you signed up.

The challenge is offered at an incredibly competitive price of $50

Or, add a 20 minute personalised mini-consult to make $80 total

And, if you'd like to join in on a group cooking class too, the whole package is $110.

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