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What is not serving you?

This January I have been on a journey. Given the limitations that Coronavirus has created for all of us, it has not been a geographical journey but one of discovery nonetheless. I have been on a yoga journey! 30 days of Yoga with Adriene, the well known Youtube yoga guide.

There have been many revelations along the way - muscles I had forgotten about, the calm to be found in thinking only about my breath, and the progress that one can make in anything with daily practice.

What has resonated with me however is the invitation to 'let go of what is not serving you'. And thinking about it, I find that that notion can be applied to so many areas of life, including nutrition.

What appeals is the idea that instead of a healthier diet feeling like deprivation, or being "banned" from certain foods which we crave, it is all about making an assessment of what is actually serving us well - perhaps by strengthening our immune systems, building strong bones or muscles or helping us to achieve a healthy weight.

And what is no longer serving us? Perhaps it is foods which we know are too salty and which contribute to a high blood pressure problem; or sugary foods which only serve to keep weight on and fuel our sugar cravings even more.

When reframed as what is serving us well, I believe it is easier to make good choices in food and to let go of the rest.

Perhaps you agree but feel too confused with the plethora of nutrition that is out there to make informed choices. Let me help you to explore what you can embrace and what you might need to let go of.

Whatever your stage of life you can have a positive effect on your health by eating well. Give it some thought. What is no longer serving you?

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