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The Healthy Eater's Guide to Surviving Christmas

You know that feeling after a month of Christmas functions and then Christmas itself- you are tired, sluggish and about two kilos heavier than before. How frustrating is it when you've worked so hard all year to be fit and healthy? It seems rude to say no to food and drink that has been lovingly prepared, but we do need to take care of ourselves.

Here are my top tips for enjoying Christmas without the food hangover.

Tip #1 - Choose Vegetables

You wouldn't serve up a plate of cheese and crackers for dinner, so don't make that your main meal now! Although cheese is a good food being high in calcium and containing some great beneficial bacteria, it is also really dense in Calories and high in fat.

Look around the buffet table and go for the vegetable sticks, the fresh fruit, the grapes on the cheese platter, the avocado dip. Prioritising vegetables will help to keep the fat content of your finger food down.

Tip #2 - Take a Plate

Pick up a plate and fill it with the foods you are going to eat. When you've eaten it all, you're done! This simple trick helps to curb mindless eating.

Tip #3 - Commit to two drinks

Particularly if someone else is driving it is so easy to lose count of how many top ups of champagne you have had. Start the party with a hydrating glass of water or soda water. Don't let anyone top you up, so that you can count your two glasses. Intersperse alcoholic drinks with water and stop at two. You know you'll be glad you did.

Tip #4 Choose your favourite foods

Consider all that is on offer and the choose your favourite foods. Don't even think about eating food that you're not that fond of. The world of party food is full of high fat high carbohydrate 'fillers' and they just don't taste that great. So choose your absolute, quality favourites and stop there.

Tip #5 - Finish strong

No doubt a ton of desserts and sweet teats will be on offer. Again, consider which one looks the most amazing, take a small portion and...STOP! Savour the flavour but don't spoil it with piles of other desserts, ice cream and chocolates.

Happy, Healthy Christmas

When you provide food seek out fresh, healthy recipes with delicious ingredients and lead the way in showing that Christmas doesn't have to be an exercise in looking like Santa and feeling bloated and uncomfortable: Click Here and go to All Recipes for ideas, but remember that a little indulgence is called for, it's Christmas after all!

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